Robotics and Autonomous Systems

Master Courses @ TIERS


Algorithmic Foundations of Robotic and AI Systems

ROS 2: computer vision, motion and path planning, lidar SLAM.

Perception and Navigation in Mobile Robots

Practical ROS 2: aerial robotics, deep learning in robotics.

November - February


Hardware Acceleration in AI

CPU, GPU and FPGA Acceleration. AI in the Edge-Cloud continuum.

Aerial Robotics and Multi-Robot Systems

Advanced aerial robotics; fleet management; communication and coordination.

March - June

Work on your master thesis with us!

Recent Thesis Projects

  • Title: GNSS-Free Localization for UAVs in the Wild
    By: Gurgu, Marius-Mihail (2022-07-29)
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  • Title: Distributed Ledger Technologies for Managing Heterogenous Computing and Sensing Systems at the Edge
    By: Montero Hernández, Daniel Andrés (2022-07-29)
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  • Title: UWB Mesh Network and Positioning for Multi-robot Systems
    By: Torrico Morón, Paola (2022-01-31)
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  • Title: Design and Implementation of CI/CD over LoRaWAN : Continuous Integration and Deployment in LoRaWAN Edge Computing Applications
    By: Gumaa, Motasim (2022-07-29)
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  • Title: Applications of Intelligent Vision in Low-Cost Mobile Robots
    By: Zhou, Yaoyu (2022-07-27)
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  • Title: A Study on UWB-Aided Localization for Multi-UAV Systems in GNSS-Denied Environments
    By: Martinez Almansa, Carmen (2020-08-23)
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  • Title: Formation Control Algorithms With Limited or No Communication
    By: Mccord, Cassandra (2020-07-10)
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  • Title: VHL Gene Mutation Prediction of Clear Cell Renal Cell Carcinoma Based on CT Images
    By: Zhao, Wenshuai (2020-06-04)
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  • Title: Feature Level Implementation of System Health Monitoring concept using Adaptive AUTOSAR platform
    By: Dharmadhikari, Neeraj (29/10/2020)
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  • Title: Acoustic data transmission for embedded software platforms: an empirical study
    By: Goncalves Nogueira, Henrique (2019-10-08)
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  • Title: Embedded AI and Human-Sensing Techniques in Intelligent Buildings
    By: Metwaly, Aly (2019-09-12)
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  • Title: Firmware Development of a LoRaWAN Multi-Sensor Generic Node: an Industrial IoT Empirical Study
    By: Mohamed, Ahmed (09/12/2019)
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