From simulation to the real world!

Perception and Navigation
in Mobile Robots

This course introduces the Robot Operating System (ROS) and different types of algorithmics required for autonomous operation, including vision and lidar perception, path planning and navigation.

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Autonomous systems at the HW level.

HDL Based design

Work with FPGAs. VHDL syntax and coding styles. Modeling combinational and sequential components as well as data paths and control systems.

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Understanding CPU, GPU, FPGA and ASIC architectures.

Hardware Accelerators for
Robotics and AI

This course delves into the benefits and drawbacks of different computing platforms (ASICs, FPGAs, GPU, CPU) for different acceleration tasks and implemetation of typical algorithms in AI and robotics.

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Project-based course

Robotics and Autonomous
Systems Projects

This course covers advanced robotics topics including multi-robot systems, multi-modal sensor fusion, reinforcement learning and high-level planning.

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