Intelligent Robotics and Embedded Systems at the University of Turku


The Turku Intelligent Embedded and Robotic Systems (TIERS) Lab was established at the University of Turku in 2018 with the objective of initiating a new research group at the intersection of edge computing, distributed autonomous systems and autonomous robots. These built together towards robust and resilient multi-robot systems. The TIERS Lab works in algorithmic design of autonomous systems, with the constant aim of putting research in action. This is possible with extensive equipment: unmanned aerial, ground and surface vehicles (UAVs. UGVs and USVs), from micro-aerial vehicles (MAVs) to state-of-the-art multirotor platform (e.g., DJI's Matrice 300). These are supported by a wide array of sensors, including multi-spectral and thermal cameras, 2D and 3D rotating lidars, solid-state 3D lidars, radars and other types of wireless sensors, among others.