Foresail-1 Satellite Mission

Foresail-1 is a satellite mission of Finnish Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Space hosting two payloadsparticle telescope (PATE) from University of Turku and deorbiting device plasma brake from Finnish meteorological institute. Foresail-1 is a satellite mission of the Finnish Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Space, and its main payload is Particle Telescope (PATE), developed by the University of Turku. The PATE is a particle detector capable to measure electrons and protons, their energies and pitch angles. The electrons are monitored with a range of 80 to 1600 keV with a single channel, while the protons are monitored withrange of 8 to 30 MeV in two energy channels.

The TIERS group works on radiation-resistant hardware design and fault-tolerant software for a robust operation of the satellite.


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