RAICAM - Robotics and Artificial Intelligence for Critical Asset Monitoring

RAICAM aims to train a cohort of 10 PhD students to work on the next generation of mobile robots for inspection and maintenance of industrial facilities. RAICAM will develop a multi-domain, multi-agent robotic sample retrieval system that will be able to obtain surface swabbing samples of critical infrastructure buildings for chemical or biological analysis. This is an exciting opportunity to do a PhD in Robotics and AI on an important topic in a well-funded multi-disciplinary international training network. We are looking for 10 excellent students to work together as a multi-disciplinary cohort across 10 universities in Europe. The partners have prepared an extensive training programme for the students. Training will be delivered by all partners, so there is ample opportunity to travel to partner sites, discuss interesting research with like-minded peers, and boost your career by creating your international network. There are also extensive secondment opportunities with our wide range of industry partners. If you are interested in doing your PhD with RAICAM, please get in touch.