Low-cost and Energy efficient Wearable devices for remote control

The need of voice and motion control is undeniable in many applications targeting people having disability, patients or elderly people who are living alone. Currently, many applications or systems using voice and motion controll utlizes powerful and expensive devices such as smart watches or smart phones. Although these systems have shown advantages, they are not applicable in many cases such as people with disablity in rural and poor area or elderly people not capable of using smart devices. In addition, these smart devices cannot be able to operate during a long period of time. Therefore, LCnEWear develops low-cost and energy-efficient wearable devices which can provide advanced services motion detection and voice recognition for remotely controlling different devices.

The LCnEWear project will base its research exploration on the previous work in the development of energy-efficient wearable devices for fall detections and electrocardiogram feature extraction. In addition, the project will utilize the Edge-AI knowledge achieved from previous projects to enhance quality of service.